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We excel in two major services.

Water Line Protection Service

Did you know? Excess of water damage promotes puddles in your lawn that can be quite irritating. This happens due to leakage or breakage in the pipe in your home. If you have tried many plumbers but the problem still persists, you need an expert assistance.

The tops reasons behind pipe corrosion are due to corrosion, aging of pipes or soil condition. Our trained technicians have the right knowledge and skill to solve damage line problem. You will get an immediate response from our employees and we try best to reach asap.

Further, you will get basic site restoration from our trained and experienced staff.

Sewer Line Protection Service   

Sewer line protection is under constant use and pressure and it is can be easily damaged. The big problem with sewer line is that even a small damage can cause a major problem. This means you need to worry more when it comes to sewer line damage.

Shiny Plumbing Co. knows its job. We are specialized in solving sewer line problem. Our technicians know how to control the pressure of the sewer line and then act over the problem.

All you need to do is call us the moment you see a problem in the sewer line. We reach the location as soon as possible once we are contacted. Before starting the repair, we first analyze the issue and then start performing to reach the core issue. Our services are trustworthy and effective to deal with every kind of plumbing issue